ATM I'm Best OSRS Gold site training at spiders, I had been wondering if there was anything better that I could train ? I would like to get 90 str then train it through slayer so that I can make some money. Is this strategy good enough? Or if I train it someplace else. I would like to be able to afk the monster too, like I can with spiders. Also, is it a good set up or if I train in something different?

Alright so I dont know much about the barrows items when it comes to placing them into a gear installation. . And I sort of want one as part of it juss to have it. If anyone can help me place atleast ONE barrow thing in my range/melee setup itd be appreciated,or if it can be used it equally that can be great also.

Only some questions that popped in my head while skilling. Falador celebration room - This is most likely a very old update I missed but... remember when all the bankers in RS would announce a drop party was going to happen? This was done to prevent folks from"secretly" using the party room to swap things. Considering that the bankers no longer announce fall parties, the way is thing trading prevented in the party area? It occurs in both party room worlds. Any other world can not have a party in it.

GE Spirit Tree - Can there be a pursuit or something that allows the GE soul tree to tele you other places other than the Tree Gnome Village? Just curious since many occasions I happened to utilize the tree at the exact same time as others, I moved to Tree Gnome Village, but the other peeps never showed up there, I figured they should have gone somewhere else. No idea, perhaps they were very quick?

New Skiller Worlds - When reading the update, I understood it to mean you can just purchase the store items in mass quantity on these 2 worlds but that I only purchased 1000 vials in 1 shot on world 28. Hence the purpose of the new worlds are what? Just to keep out very low level players? 1000 levels is nothing in P2P. Seems kinda pointless to me. What am I overlooking? I'm imagining for F2P its you do not see"searching for a bf" free stuf plz along with other noobly chants at Lumbridge. Same cheap RS gold in P2P, and maybe less rulebreakers if they valued their account?